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January 31, 2012
  • Work on git-push-mac and git-pull-mac, should not use meaningless commit message dubbed “mf”.

TODO 把firefox bookmark做成可搜索的?    pe

TODO fix gnome-open    pe

DONE fix sdim while C-s searching    pe

CLOSED: 2012-01-31 Tue 22:01

  • CLOSING NOTE 2012-01-31 Tue 22:01

DONE fix emacs url-proxy-services error on home PC    pe

CLOSED: 2012-01-31 Tue 22:27

  • CLOSING NOTE 2012-01-31 Tue 22:27
    Must not use localhost:8580 as the proxy; must use; IPV6 is involved to mess up


Things done on 2012-01-30

January 31, 2012

Work on org-jira, fixed priority required when creating issue

Work on Network Manager under sawfish

  • Will not allow delete network profile, while under gnome, a auth dialog popup asking for root password, and can go on to delete/add network profile.
  • This is fixed by starting policykit after diff with gnome session processes. More may need be fixed.
  • Started gnome-keyring-daemen in ~/.xprofile. GDM3 will source this file.
  • Will not be able to save after you edit a profile, must delete and then add and get it right when adding. It is different if you run nm-applet as root; in that case it can be saved.

Work on RNDIS XP driver, turns out only need a .inf file.